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An Invitation to Love} She Sells She Shells



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The art of a wedding invitation. From start to finish it’s about discovering the bride and groom and the substance of their bond. Molding it into a visual representation of who they are and what their love represents. It’s a depiction of that day. That day and place that is purely theirs in time and space. It belongs to no one else but them. We may be privileged enough to share in a small portion of that day, but only they will truly reside in it.
Our wedding invitation hangs in our home. My husband has one he carries in his Bible. When I see it I am in my eggshell white organza gown standing on the green lawn outside the quaint Ryssby church. The Rocky Mountains are basking in the glow of the brilliant sunset. I’m waiting for my husband to find the keys to the vintage white mustang we will leave in. My Uncle and cousins have sent him on a hunt for the keys. He finds them. My family and dearest friends blow bubbles. We hug and wave our way to the car. We drive off down a rural Colorado country road. The wind is blowing my veil and all we can do is laugh. A brilliant laugh. A giddy laugh. A laugh like no other on a day like no other. Our day.
I hope I captured your day Jessica and Matt. I hope when you see your invitation you are transported to a day when time stood still and it was just the two of you, in love.




A very special thanks to Jessica for entrusting me with the great task of designing for someone with such impeccable taste. Another special thanks to Jennifer Angeloro Photography for your amazing talent! I will recommend you to any bride getting married on Sanibel Island.
She sells sea shells by the seashore.

A Favor – Kentucky Bride Magazine

It has been too long since my last post, so I am pleased to announce that Kentucky Bride Magazine included our cake pops in their summer issue! What an honor!

They featured a great shot in the magazine and I thought I would share a couple of lovely pictures from the photo shoot. I had such a great time making these teal and red flower cookie pops and Martine’s Pastries did a lovely job of making The Blu Sash cake pop designs blosom and come to life.

Thank you Kentucky Bride!

“Bloom where you are planted.”

The Blu Sash offers these custom ordered treats for your special event. Please give us a call! We can design the perfect cake or cookie pop for your themed party or that special day.

Call 859.271.6934 or e-mail:

What a doll – A Cookie Doll!


What a Doll: Cookie Dolls!
I’m so excited to announce this fashionable little treat that is certain to bring delight to any party! This doll of a cookie was supposed to make her debut at my daughter’s 4th birthday, but due to a lack of time I waited. I presented her fashionably-fun self to the Bluegrass at the March Urban Marketplace to great response!
The idea struck me in the midst of designing my daughters paper doll party invitations. Why not make a cookie doll that the girls could dress up with clothes and accessories? How amazingly fun would that be?
These dolls are an absolutely adorable idea for a birthday party favor, bridal shower, Derby party or tea party! They are interactive and amazingly delicious! What girl from 2-100 wouldn’t love to dress one of these up?
Each doll comes with a skirt, shirt, hat or crown, two accessories, a pair of shoes and it’s own box. Choose from any seasonable color you desire but no white shoes for this doll after Labor Day!


Purchase a Cookie Doll for your { very sweet } mother at the Urban Marketplace for Mother’s Day { Urban Marketplace | May 8th | Hilton in Lexington Green }. Or simply order ahead and we will deliver one to you! Email us or give us a call — 859.271.6934.

p.s. Derby lovers and Red Hatters…this one’s for you!

Fashion Plate & Cup


Fashion Plate & Cup: Tea Cup Cookies — It’s time for tea!
All inspiration for these tea cups came from a delightful recipe that my mother sent me to use for my daughter’s birthday tea party. I adapted the recipe to my liking and created these wonderful, not to mention, extremely tasty tea cup cookies.

These cake-like and not-too-sweet sugar cookies are coated in candy melts and can be used to serve small melon sized scoops of ice cream at a birthday party, tea party, bridal shower or baby shower.


We can create these tea cup cookies in any color you desire and the styles and patterns are endless. Let us create something unique for your event that will be the talk of the party.

If you are interested in placing an order from The Blu Sash for your upcoming party or event, please email us or give us a call — 859.271.6934.

All Dolled Up

Don’t you just love getting “all dolled up”?

I adore that phrase and everything is stands for. My Memom always said that to me when I’d walk into a room dressed to the nines. “Why, aren’t you just all dolled up!,” she’d say. The child in her was ever present and her love of dolls was evidence of that. She had cabinets full of Madame Alexander dolls. Doll-face was a term of endearment she would call her granddaughters and great-granddaughters. I’ll never forget the pack of paper dolls she sent me when I was away at college and the giddy feeling it gave me to look through all the outfits. She knew getting dolled up was key to a woman’s perspective on life.
Getting dolled can mean something special is about to happen or it can mean you need to take a moment to remember who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re headed. That new dress, that hour at the salon, a bubble bath, an heirloom piece of jewelry or a stunning hat can make you feel like you can accomplish anything.
In honor of my Memom and all women out there who look forward to getting “dolled up,” I would love to present, this week, some fun edible favors and enjoyable invitations that are sure to bring out the little princess in all of us.
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