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Kentucky Bride Bridal Show 2011

We had an amazing first time at the Kentucky Bride Bridal Show this last weekend! There was non-stop traffic to our booth and my lovely friend Sarah was so gracious to help me out. My precious daughter let me steal all her bedroom furniture and my sweet husband hauled it all in and out of the swagger-wagon for me. My wonderful mother and sister are the ones who made this opportunity possible for The Blu Sash, so a special thank you to all the people I love the most.
I look forward to the future of The Blu Sash and the new brides I will be working with this year. It has been such a privilege!

I’ll be posting the winner of the FREE custom invitation design tomorrow, so check back! Sweet dreams and good night!

Let them eat Cake

“Four things on earth are small, but they are exceedingly wise: the ants are a people not strong, yet they provide their food in the summer …”

— PROVERBS 30:24-25

If you’ve been following this blog and my 1-year old business, you know that I occasionally make cakes for friends. The Blu Sash leaves the baking and cake decorating to the professionals the rest of the time. Once in a while I will have a friend ask me to make a cake for a special occasion and I will oblige as I love to experiment and try something new.

A few weeks ago a dear friend called wanting me to make a “Mad Hatter” cake for his wife’s birthday and I was more than happy to do it. I knew mine wouldn’t be Cake Boss quality, but I thought it would be fun to give it my best. It was a late night with a few rough patches in the wee morning hours. At 2 am I was trying to glue the fondant base back down to the cake with frosting. The fondant was splitting apart due to the weight of the top two cakes [note to self: more dowels next time]. At 3 am I said a prayer, put the cake in the fridge and trudged off to bed hoping the morning would not present a toppled cake. The next morning the frosting had set up nicely, I put on the finishing touches and viola, it was done!

It was handed off to my friend and I held my breathe as I waited to hear that it had made it’s long journey through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, without incident. The news came and it was safe at home. What a glorious feeling! A job well done, despite my fears of the cake’s stability. I couldn’t wait to hear about Emillee’s response upon seeing it!

Then the news came. The bad news. Ants. Ants had found the cake during the night between delivery and birthday party. A crushing blow to all involved! Nothing could be done and the cake was a loss.

I feel so heart-broken for Ben that I am seriously thinking about making him a cake to take her for Valentines. It was such a sweet, loving gesture and then the ants had to come and crash the party. You can’t blame them though. They were just doing their job. Frosting, cake and raspberry filling are hard to resist!

Here are my wishes for you in 2011: May you have your cake and eat it too!

{ Although The Blu Sash will not be in the business of baking your cake, we do offer cake design services and have local vendors we work with to create the perfect cake for your occasion. Let us coordinate with those lovely invitations and party favors we look forward to designing for you! }

859.271.6934 or 859.576.0011

An Invitation to Love } Side By Side



All Photos Courtesy of
[ Stationery photos by The Blu Sash ]
Oh we ain’t got a barrel of money,
Maybe we’re ragged and funny;
But we’ll travel along, singin’ a song,
Side by side.
— Harry Woods (melody) & Gus Kahn (lyrics) 1927
Some things are timeless. A century old photograph buried in a box. A dress in an attic trunk. A letter from the front lines. A rusting license plate hanging in a barn. The words to a song long forgotten. They still have the power to move you because they posses a human element that can touch any heart regardless of century, decade or hour.
Love is timeless. It is has and always will be the essence of our very being. Today, perhaps love has become too much of a packaged product. We polish and shine our love for all to see. It must be perfect. Unblemished. An ideal. A dream. But reality sets in. Love becomes bumped along the dusty road of life. There are detours, delays, road blocks, wrecks. Often love is left along these lonely roads of disappointment and despair when it is at these times love needs us most.
Would it be that more went into marriage realizing that the dream is about living in this imperfect world with a determination to work for something that is worth more than it costs. What many fail to realize is that the potholes are melded together with periods of breath-taking scenery, memorable stops and mountain top experiences. If one gets out of the car halfway through the journey, so much will forever be missed.
Brooke and Manny’s wedding made me think of the beauty found in the rough patches of life. The Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, Mississippi was full of just such beauty. The beauty of the forgotton, the beauty of the well-loved, the beauty of simplicity, the beauty of trials and tribulation, the beauty of the soul and the beauty of love.
Brooke is my dear cousin and this wedding was a family event. I am so thankful this vivacious woman with a great thirst for life allowed me to be a part of her day through design. It was a weekend full of love and joy, tears and laughter, fellowship and celebration, song and dance. Many people from many walks of life coming together to celebrate a time, a place and a love. A love in all its beautiful, flawed, timeless perfection.


[ All artwork used in this invitation suite was drawn on the computer
using vintage 1920’s labels and music sheet artwork as reference. ]

[ Vellum direction cards were enclosed with the invitations
and envelopes were lined with a metallic paper and coordinating pattern. ]

[ The reply card was a 2-sided postcard and
1920’s scrollwork was carried over onto the envelope flap. ]


“Young lovers seek perfection. Old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together and of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches. ” — Finn, How to Make An American Quilt

An Invitation to Love } Deco Love



by The Blu Sash

Wedding Photos Courtesy of
Stationery Photos by The Blu Sash

I love all things vintage. If it’s old and once belonged to someone else …. I love it. Instantly. I love to ponder the story behind the item. I wonder who once wore this brooch? What was she like? What special occasions did she wear it to? When I am in an old building I immediately want to know it’s history, it’s story, what tales it’s walls might hold.

When Kevin, a good friend of my sister, contacted me about designing her save-the-dates and wedding stationery I was beyond excited. Kevin has a timeless elegance to her. Her classic design tastes and love of bygone eras were evident from the start of our conversations. While there were classic and vintage elements that Kevin and Nate wanted to incorporate into their wedding there was also a small hint of modern sophistication to what they were planning. I tried to season their Art Deco inspired invitations with a sprinkling of that modern elegance and hopefully captured the mood of their day in their “Deco Love” wedding suite.

Many blessings Kevin and Nate for a forever love!








{ I’ll be loving you always. — Irving Berlin (1925) }

{ Handmade jewelry by the bride that mimics the burst in the invitations }

{ Drink labels designed by The Blu Sash and made by the bride }

{ All because two people fell in love. }

BLESSED } Goosebumps! We were featured in Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book!

I just had to share that my designs were featured on Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book this week! My thanks to my client and new found friend Jessica for making this happen.

Jessica took a chance on me this spring. I was an unknown designer, designing my first set of wedding invitations, for my first client. She was brave!

I had no portfolio of invitations to show her. All she had to go on was what she had seen me present at a couple of Urban Marketplace shows. She has impeccable taste and was amazing to work with! I could not have asked for a better first client and I am thankful to her for sharing her wedding details with Style Me Pretty.
I am on cloud nine this morning and am remembering that you can get goosebumps without being cold!
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