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This is the debut posting for The Blu Sash’s blog, My Favorite Things! I hope to post many exciting tips and ideas for your wedding favors, gift ideas for your bridesmaids, neat ideas for your child’s next birthday party or just something I found online that I absolutely love. Think of this blog as my sketch pad for the many creative ideas that float through my mind and I never get to use. Hopefully you will find the opportunity to create!

I’m old fashioned. I like a personal note on a piece of paper. I can touch and feel it. Carry it with me. Re-read it. I love having people into my home. Feeding those I love brings me great joy. There is an intimacy and a close friendship that grows out of these moments spent with friends and family inside the warm walls of our home. I love making something unique for someone. Something that reflects who they are and what they mean to me. Making something by hand makes me a participant in that special place in time. I love knowing that the Dorthy dress my daughter is wearing for Hall-o-ween was made by her grandmother and myself. Every time I see her wearing it I smile and think of that Saturday we spent sewing it and how much she’s loved it. I love the look of awe and excitement in my children’s eyes when they first see the cake I’ve made for their birthday. These are all the reasons I do what I do. It’s what inspires me to create and to dream.

I start this blog in the hopes that you will see the joy in someones eyes when they unwrap a gift, bite into a cookie, blow out their candles, say their vows or read that special card. It’s about what’s important in life — LOVE!

melanie - October 22, 2009 - 10:11 pm

well done and well said. a beautiful beginning – so happy to be here from the start :) warmly, -melanie-

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