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Two If By Sea “The Invitation” — Cupcake Dreams & Candle Wishes: Part III

Two If By Sea: The Invitation

For my son’s second birthday the theme was an easy pick. We had taken our first family vacation to the beach and aquarium in May and all West could talk about was lighthouses, “crabbies” and octopuses. Every we passed a tower-like structure, we heard “I see lighthouses” from the back seat. He had been impressed, to say the least.

Anything ocean related inspires me to no end, so I was thrilled to get started on the invitations for his party. I love the oceans majesty and wonder! I have always had a fascination with sharks and seashells, lighthouses and coral, sailboats and sand, so West comes by it naturally. Using cute silhouettes of ocean creatures and beach related structures in a pairing of light blue, navy blue and red, I came up with a retro nautical feel for the invites. The invitations were four (4.25″ x 5.5″), individual sheets printed on a crisp white resume paper, rolled up and tied off with raffia and then placed in a bottle filled with sand and tiny seashells. These bottles, purchased from, supposedly can be mailed with a label on them. I wanted to ere on the side of caution and mailed them in a padded envelope. The tricky part with these invitations was rolling them up tight enough to get them in the bottle and tying them off just right so they could be pulled out. Needless to say the invitations were a smashing success and an adorable keepsake.

If you are interested in ordering a customized version these invitations from The Blu Sash, please e-mail us or give us a call — 859.271.6934.

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