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Two If By Sea “The Cupcakes” — Cupcake Dreams and Candle Wishes: Part III


Two If By Sea: The Cupcakes
As if a cake wasn’t enough, I felt compelled to make cupcakes. Cute sailboat and whale cupcakes. I had to make them!

What you will need:

White box cake mix (and required ingredients)
• 2-3 cans of butter cream frosting
• Blue food coloring
• Cupcake decorating set or decorating bag and large round tip
• Red gumdrop wedges for the sailboats
Orange or blue gumdrop wedges for the whales
Miniature orange or blue gumdrop wedges for the whale tails
• Colored toothpicks
• White fondant or white paper
• Blue star sprinkles or white round sprinkles for whale eyes

The Sailboat Cupcakes: I used a simple white box cake mix and white cupcake liners, (Silver cupcake liners would be really cute though), to make these cupcakes. Here’s how to decorate them:

1) Take a can of butter cream frosting, or if you have the energy and time to make the frosting from scratch, by all means dive in!
Die the frosting a pale blue.
2) Then using a large round tip, spiral the frosting in to the center from the outer edges of the cupcake.
3) To make the sails you can either roll out white fondant to 1/8 of an inch and cut with a small triangle cookie cutter or you can cut small triangles out of paper. You then take a blue toothpick and stab the toothpick through the bottom of the triangle sail and then back through the sail near the point at the top.
4) Take the sail, which is now on the toothpick, and put it through the center of the gumdrop wedge.

Anchors away! You’re now sailing over the cupcake blue!


The Whale Cupcakes: Repeat steps 1 and 2 above to make the cupcakes and frost accordingly. Here’s how to decorate them:

1) Take a large orange wedge, or preferably blue if you can find them, and place the flat side down on the center of the cupcake, leaving a little room to the right of it for the tail.
2) Then take the miniature gumdrop wedge in a matching color and place it at an angle at the edge of the large wedge, so it looks like a tail.
3) To make the eye, take blue star sprinkles or white dot sprinkles and glue them to the front of the large wedge on either side with a tiny bit of frosting.

Here’s to a whale of a cupcake — Enjoy!

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