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Two If By Sea “Party Signs, Banners & Activities” — Cupcake Dreams and Candle Wishes: Part III


Two If By Sea: Signs and Banners
This was the first time for one of my parties that I created signs for everything. I mean literally everything! I had signs for the food table, signs for each activity and of course a custom “Happy Birthday” banner for West. I was really pleased with how they turned out and plan on offering all of them on my Etsy shop when it opens this March. I will be offering generic pdf’s of all the signs, with the option to customize them. I will also be offering the custom “Two if by Sea” birthday banner not only in paper, but also in vinyl for later use as a decoration for your child’s room or play room. I will post links to my Etsy shop as soon as it is open, so please check back!


THE PARTY SIGNS: Each of these signs were printed at a local copy shop and tacked down to 8.5 x 11 tag board for weight. The signs were then taped with clear packing tape to large paint stirring sticks that can be bought at your local hardware store. I used an assortment of stainless steel buckets and navy blue buckets, filled with sand and rocks to place the signs down in. The rocks did a good job of providing the weight needed to hold the buckets down and the sand kept the signs upright.

THE ACTIVITIES: Each sign created corresponded with an outdoor activity or station. All of the activities planned for this party were free play as two year olds are hard to organize for a game. We did plan one game and the kids loved it! We had a “Go Fish” station where the kids could throw their line over and “catch” a cookie fish favor. They had such a good time and lined up quite nicely to catch their fish! Below you will find each of the signs and their corresponding activity:

{ Place this sign out front to greet visitors and provide directions to the party in back }

{ Place this sign on the cake table in a tall,
bucket shaped red vase filled with sand and shells }

{ Decorate a wagon with a sail, some cardboard boat sides, and some waves
for giving rides to those sea-faring 2-year olds. }

{ Load a shelf ( I used a cute boat bookshelf ), with beach towels,
sunscreen and bug spray for guests use. }

{ Fill your sandbox with shells bought at a local craft store or
those you brought back with you from your last beach vacation.
Let the kids dig them up as party favors with their favor buckets and shovels. }

{ Set up some outdoor tents and/or tunnels.
Place a treasure chest inside filled with gold chocolate coins as party favors. }

{ A large tub filled with beach balls for the taking adds fun to pool time play. }
{ Set this sign up by the wading pools for a cute touch. }

{ Purchase a large canvas tarp at your local hardware store
and cover it with bags of play sand for you own personal beach.
The kids will love digging and playing in it.
Afterward you have new sand for your sand box and easy clean up. }

{ For a game of “Go Fish”, cover a large chair with a blue sheet or fabric
and drape some fish netting over the front of it
filled with shells and plastic or gummy fish.
Make a fishing pole out of a dowel rod and some cotton twine
tied on to it on one end and a clothes pin on the other end.
Make some adorable fish, lobster and crab cookies
and attach those for your “catch of the day”.
The kids LOVED this game!

CUSTOM BIRTHDAY SIGN: A simple 8.5 x 11 color print out can look adorable placed in a nice frame and can be kept as a decoration for a room or used in a child’s scrapbook commemorating the event.

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