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Simply Grateful


Since my husband has gone back to work, I have had to simplify my life. 
It’s a must to be organized! I have to streamline and multitask. I am constantly learning new ways to cook, clean and schedule more efficiently. I am purging the house of unwanted clutter room by room and seeking a “less is more” kind of life.

Those who will benefit are my children. More quality time with Mommy equals more peace and tranquillity in their lives and mine. Each week I try to make sure to incorporate craft time and exercise into at least one or two nights. 
Since Avery has started school, time at night is limited to homework, the family meal and the nightly bedtime routine. For that reason, I was seeing a need for a little educational fun in our routine and I am trying to squeeze a family bonding activity in there as much as I can.

This is a perfect example of a simple and educational family activity! My friend Stacie, a former school teacher, told me about a blog she wrote last year on a “Gratitude Tree.” I looked it up the next day and loved what she did. I appreciate the simplicity of the project rooted in one of the most valuable attributes a person can display, gratitude. I hope our family will benefit this month from thinking daily about life’s blessings, large or small.

Simply grateful this month for all the Lord has given.



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