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Each year  I tend to go into a sort of mental hibernation in the fall and I begin to start reflecting on the year and my life, past, present and future. I think all of us do this in some form or fashion towards the end of each year.

Around October, I start making lists of what I want to accomplish in the year ahead. Lists of what I didn’t do well at times and lists of what I want to change in the new year.  More than most, 2013 was a year for reflection. In fact I am still doing quite a bit of it as we find ourselves half-way through January of 2014.

2014 was an amazing year for my business and at times I would look up to catch my breath and see the candle burning at both ends with me holding the wick in the middle. When the glitter settled in mid-October it left me feeling “burnt out” for the first time since I had started The Blu Sash back in 2010. I truly think all small business owners, whether part-time or full-time experience this feeling at some point during their careers and this fall I found myself in that position. When we don’t take time for ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and most of all spiritually, it is easy to let that light of creativity and ambition flicker.

So I curled up at home with my family this fall and I  found time to think (I know you mothers understand how hard that can be). Time to pray and time to reflect.

Reflection is a vital part of life. I believe that if we cannot look at ourselves honestly through the mirror of life that we never reach our full potential. How can you see clearly out the window if you never clean the glass? How can a lantern light your path when it is covered up?

Coming into 2014 I have seen that the glass needs to be clearer and that my light can shine brighter!

I hope you will join me in letting your light shine this year.

Be salt, be light, be love!

Blessings always,



Blessed } Blushing!

Custom Designed Stamp for muslin favor bags

Custom designed stamp for muslin favor bags. Photo courtesy of Honey Heart Photography

I was tickled pink to find out that a Blu Sash wedding was featured on Wedding Chicks!  The talented Honey Heart Photography captured ever sweet, soft moment of this made with love wedding.

Thank you Ashley Kate & Andy for letting me work so closely with you on such a blessed day!

Blessings,  Donia


My Favorite Things } Velvet Rapture!

Photos courtesy Velvet Raptor |

It’s not often you stumble across an idea that is so breathtaking that it makes your heart beat faster. Well today, I happened upon a lovely website called Velvet Raptor and it was a delight to the eyes …  and I am sure the touch. You can almost feel the album in your hands can’t you?  I just had to share the lush beauty of these lovely items with brides and mothers who have a heart for heirloom quality products.

Blessings for a beautiful day!  ~ Donia

Velvet Notecards |

Velvet Guestbooks |

BLUGRASS BEST } BabyCakes for your babycakes

Babycakes cupcakes

“The Princess” | Chocolate with raspberry buttercream
[ ]

By Rachel Carter

Tricia and Keith Clemons opened BabyCakes Cupcakes in Lexington with one dream in mind: To do what they love each and every day. Because the Clemons make their cupcakes with love, BabyCakes make the perfect treat for your sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day is always crazy at the shop, Tricia said. So, for the past five years, working side by side at BabyCakes has been the Clemons’ Valentine’s Day tradition. “My husband and I celebrate the day by icing as many cupcakes as possible and then toasting with a glass of wine for surviving another Heart Day,” Tricia said.

“We tend to be a bit cheesy regarding our gifts,” Tricia said before ‘fessing up that, really, she’s the cheesy one. “I bought him a stuffed monkey years ago that dances and sings ‘Wild Thing.’ Said monkey has a tendency of making an appearance every Valentine’sDay since that fateful purchase, singing and doing his jig in random locations throughout our house, reminding my husband that he indeed ‘makes my heart sing.’”

Think outside the box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day and pick up a bouquet of BabyCakes for your sweetheart. Donia’s husband, Greg, told her to order a dozen of her favorite BabyCakes flavors for her birthday and Donia couldn’t wait to pick them up this past weekend.  She couldn’t wait to get them home before digging in, either! { Donia’s favorite BabyCakes flavors! }

BabyCakes’ most-popular Valentine’s cupcakes tend to be anything infused with pink and red, and Tricia sent over three of BabyCakes’ top Valentine’s flavors.

1 { SUMMERTIME }  Strawberry cupcake topped with strawberry buttercream icing. Yes, please.

2 { SOUTHERN BELLE }  Red. Velvet. Need we say more?

3 { SWEET & SASSY REDHEADS } White chocolate and raspberry cupcake of amazingness.


Click here for all the flavors BabyCakes has to choose from! Sweets to the sweet this Valentines!



Summertime CupcakeSouthern Belle CupcakeSweet & Sassy Redheads Cupcake

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